Monday, 28 February 2011

A new beginning!

Sooo, started a fashion blog. Don't reeeally know how to start but going to go for mentioning the outstanding Lady Gaga and her new video.
Never one to follow the crowd she is a bold and exciting artist who has put out her style for the world to see. She has her own fashion house - Hous of Gaga, but also uses designers and the butchers?

 First starting out normal - ishhh
 The infamous 'meat dress'
 The classic 'curtain-faced'
 'My dress is on fiiiiireeee'
And this..? Well.. you decide what this is.

Her new video is a bit hard to explain and is verrrryyy different to everything out just now but i think i like it :)
Here is the link:
Please let me know what you think  :)
much love, xx

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